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My earlier condition I wrote called "One Point Two Billion" attracted quite some attention, the downloads all the way through all the condition syndication armed forces has been astronomical compared to any other articles I wrote which are still with them.

It seems the figures game is common not only with the accountancy profession, but with just about everybody running a website who is engrossed in more sales from everywhere in the world.

The internet has proved to be the great leveller, even a grandmother I know has made hundreds of thousands of dollars just from publishing a connect of e-books, commerce of that magnitude is not now confined to those citizens with large sums of investment capital, teams of accountants, planners, secretaries, glamorous offices etc. Anyone, even you, can make money frequently on the internet, just aim for a goal and 'go for it!'

The costs of background up have never been lower, the ease of making web pages has never been easier, ( I make my web pages in Notepad, which is on every Windows computer), and the capability listeners for your web pages has never been larger. So what are you ahead of you for?

The sheer mountain of in rank existing because of e-books on any branch of learning and above all on location up a commerce on the internet would take you a days to read through, so just be selective and read only what you need to know about and get happening in that business. Businesspeople who have 'been there-done that', have on paper up an colossal sum of e-books to pass on their comprehension and experience, pitfalls to avoid, how to spend your promotion dollars, and just about the lot else you need to know about to ensure success. So profit from their experience, avoid the pitfalls, do what they say you ought to do, and you be supposed to be in a profitable affair in no time, just the way they did it. No large sums of investment are needed, just time and dedication.

If you afford an brilliant advantage that remuneration all your clients, they will advise you to their friends,if on the other hand you want to be a 'scammer' and a 'fly by night' operator firm to 'rip-off' as many citizens as possible, you will come to grief. You will find your web hosting account hurriedly terminated, your e-mail bill likewise, and your name plastered all over the forums and newsgroups. You get out of life faithfully what you put in.

There are still mysteries about life we still don't understand and this is the analyze we come to grief, but on the other hand, if you work for the allowance of others, this 'mystery of life', for want of a advance name,cuts in and helps us along, we go with the flow and good clothes start to happen. I could tell you of many experiences I have had, both good and bad, which I have learnt a great deal from, but space precludes that, maybe one day.

All right, you win, I will tell you of one actual incident more a moment ago and then move on with this article.

I agreed a St. Christopher medal on a gold chain in my wallet for six years, given to me by the wife of a good acquaintance overseas, 'it will keep you safe' she said. I customary a new wallet for a Christmas at hand and altered the lot in the old wallet into the new one, but the St. Christopher medallion, it was looking a bit 'worse for wear' and I absolute to put it in the cupboard. That day I lost my cell phone!

For two whole days I felt a loss which can only be described as a 'bereavement'. I had lost touch with the exchange ideas I was attached to night and day, seven days a week, I felt bereft. I did not know if a celebrity was difficult to ring me, whether a bit was urgent I had to know about, my sense of loss was total.

Was this to do with the St. Christopher medallion? I belief certainly not. That was on the Tuesday, by Thursday dawn I had absolute to put that 'good luck' St. Christopher decoration into my new wallet. My cellular phone phone twisted up via a 'good samaritan' who would take no money as a reward whatsoever. I was never more happy to see my itinerant phone.

So what happened here?Was it a bit to do with the St. Christopher medallion? Was it as I had 'bad thoughts' that it was the 'worse for wear'so discard it as inconsequential? I don't know the answer.

There have been too many such incidents in my life it would take volumes to associate the details.

We don't know these 'mysteries of life' but one thing is important -keep a assured outlook to the lot and each one and good effects will crop up for you.

It's awkward to dream of how many associates that are out there who can log on to your website. It's also awkward to absorb what kinds of associates they are, what circumstances and instruction they have had. Why they are taking down on to your new site. What do they anticipate to see, or learn, or buy?

How will they allowance from visiting your site?.

Will they buy a good product, or learn something, or get some amusement or entertainment from it?.

Here are some numbers to think about:-

  • Adults aged 65 and over are the highest emergent age group attractive to the internet, according to Nielsen/Netratings. The amount of adults from about the world over 65 who use the internet has grown by 25% over the past twelve months, with 9. 6 million now accessing the web. The digit of female seniors has seen the most significent growth, jumping 30%. Male seniors jumped by 20%.

  • 44% of Western European internet users shopped online all through 2003. Jupiter Research).

  • 55% of the populace of Spain are anticipated to be using Broadband internet by the end of this year. Jupiter Research).

  • 50% of the U. S. residents assume to be using Broadband internet by 2008. (Jupiter Research)

  • 1 in 5 internet users download music according to Nielsen.

  • Online shoppers in Australia for DVDs. is now the fifth best ever . growing online buy kind after travel, concert tickets, accomodation, and books, budding by 30% ACNielsen Consult).

  • 22% of U. S. customers shop online at work.

  • 67% of 12 to 24 year olds online in the U. S. have downloaded music from the net.

  • 40 million Americans have downloaded music from the net, equivalent to one-fifth of the U. S.

  • It's not hard to see that the net is a hive of doings and associates are paying for effects they want, music in particular. Content has not been a thing that ancestors have been keen to pay for apart from sex sites, one of the most flourishing ecommerce businesses of all time. Newspapers online allegation for comfortable with some success, but a appraise by Jupiter Media Metrix claims that 70% of adult online users don't see why they ought to pay for content. The researchers development that revenues will only grow to $US5. 8 billion by 2006 for online content!

    Of that revenue the chief earners will be "Audio and Video Entertainment and Games'. This appraise also shows that 42% of net users grudgingly count on that over time they will have to pay for comfortable on the net.

    So, which way will you go?.

    Will your site be a subscription only site charging a monthly fee to access the content? Look at the chronicle of one such subscription only site called Salon Magazine. They distorted to a subscription only site and over the first six months only signed up 25,000 users, out of 3. 8 million users per month who used the site previously.

    Statistics are a amazing thing as many accountants know too well. Will you be guided by all the data existing all through all the research companies out there when you build your website?

    Yes, the records game attracts a lot of interest has I avowed at the beginning of this article. Constantly bear in mind though, that all these users in these stats are only human beings and want, need, and aspiration pretty much the same belongings you do, and set up your website accordingly. There are a sufficient amount humans out there to visit your website, doesn't matter what you choose to do.

    Oh, and did I mention?

    The worlds people of humans is now 3 BILLION!


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