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ClickBank. com can offer you manifold solutions for your e-commerce business. Here are some of the advantages of using ClickBank.

1. Acknowledge Belief Cards Not including a Commercial Account

If your creation is downloadable (such as electronic books or software), ClickBank may be an brilliant solution for you. For a $49. 95 first fee, you can process acknowledgment cards and on-line cheques for $1. 00 per transaction plus 7. 5% of sales.

2. Start Your Own Associate Program

With ClickBank, you have your own built-in belong to program. You come to a decision what agency (from 1% to 75%) you would like to pay your affiliates.

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3. Collect Free Advertising

You accept added exposure all the way through free citation on the ClickBank website and because of the exploration facilities of other websites, such as CBMall. com.

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4. Attain Transfer Commissions

Even devoid of applying for ClickBank accept card processing, you can earn transfer commissions on thousands of ClickBank Souk products.

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5. Eliminate Sales Tax Problems

Are you registered for Value Added Tax (VAT) for online transactions for European Union (EU) countries since July 1, 2003?

Are you collecting the apposite state or provincial sales taxes?

If you are a Canadian, are you aware of your obligation to accumulate Goods and Army Tax (G. S. T. ) and Corresponding Sales Tax (H. S. T. ) on Internet transactions?

Again, ClickBank may be your solution. ClickBank is registered for EU purposes and adds the appropriate VAT to each transaction.

As well, to deal with ClickBank, you must agree to sell your artifact to them. ClickBank then resells your effect to their customers. Thus, ClickBank becomes the dealer accountable for collecting sales taxes -- not you. Obviously, ClickBank will not be branch of learning to sales taxes in most jurisdictions.

Since ClickBank is located in the United States and can only sell or use the crop it sells from there, it would arrive that Canadian G. S. T. and H. S. T. would not be applicable to them.

Of course, this is not legal advice. To determine your liability for sales and analogous taxes, consult your lawyer and accountant.

To read more about sales taxes on Internet transactions, visit http://www. yenommarketinginc. com/e-commerce-tax. html

Considering its many advantages, ClickBank may well be your e-commerce solution!

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