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The top 10 e-commerce ways to be a consequence up with clients - part 1 - ecommerce


Did you know that 80% of all sales are made after the 5th contact?

The chief blooper we make is not next up with our clients regularly. We not only lose the attempt to offer other armed forces and products, we lose the ability for fulfilled clients' referrals.

Building your attempt needs coherent bi-monthly follow-ups.

If you think this takes too much time, adhere to my lead and agent some of it where you will spend only 6-8 hours a week. Remember, only marketing and promotion builds earnings and business, the rest are expenses.

Here's the top ten ways:

1. Keep track of every one who contacts you, in being or by email about education or other service.

Treat email addresses like gold. These are previously qualified, besieged hope clients. Copy and paste their email note, date, and ask into Textpad or pad under the name "potential clients. " Print it out and keep in a hard file named the same.

2. Don't throw away email addresses.

When a big cheese connects with you, copy and paste their adopt into your laptop folder called "eLists. " Place the deal with where you think it belongs. Name one file "potential clients. " If they are past clients, construct a new list and call it "past clients. " If at hand clients, make a file for them too. Categorized into groups, you can personalize your note to each one. Every month you'll want associate one of these groups and offer them amazing special.

3. Keep track of your ezine subscribers' emails separately.

While you may use a business to send out your ezine, you may also want to have that list handy in your own office. My junior uses www. textpad. com shareware code to control all of my another email lists. Since I only send out my ezine on book education and affair tip monthly, I admire up in connecting with a thank you or elite offer. It takes less than 3 follow-up to send out all the way through text pad.

4. Decide on the correct be a consequence up communication for each group.

For your monthly ezine, you may want to send out a mini "marketing survey. " You ask 4-8 questions. For any who takes the time to respond, you offer them a fre. e eBook or report. In one admire up I asked, "What are the 3 top questions you want answered about inscription and publishing a book?" My subscribers knew I was idea about them and cherished it by signing up for the adhere to up small cost book education long-winded teleclass.

People love fre. ebies, so when your abide by up offers a fre. e tip or difficulty and answer, your aptitude clients will see your value.

5. Force big domino effect from just a a small amount effort.

Don't waste any in rank that helps you promote. After you get responses to your mini survey, use them again and again. After you fulfil the questions, keep them in a folder called Q and A. Coin a new web site link and post them as new comfortable for your hungry web site visitors.

When other professionals ask me for an interview for their ezines and sites, I get them via email, key them and get promoted by others by means of their ezines and Web sites.

At the same time, I break up these interviews into articles under 1000 words and give in them to opt-in ezines looking for free content.

From just one ezine interview, quite a few high power professionals called me to order books first, then to develop into big business clients.

Don't think you are bothering your contacts. If they don't want your news, they can opt-out. Thank you's and free gifts keep your name in front of your buyers. It tells them you be glad about them and let's them know what new equipment you can offer them. Abide by up is good business.

Part two of this commentary is existing at www. bookcoaching. com/freearticles/article-130. shtml.

Judy Cullins, 20-year book and Internet Marketing Coach, Cause of 10 eBooks together with "Write your eBook Fast," and "How to Promote your Affair on the Internet," she offers free help because of her 2 monthly ezines, The Book Coach Says. . . and Affair Tip of the Month at http://www. bookcoaching. com/opt-in. shtml and over 140 free articles. Email her at mailto:Judy@bookcoaching. com


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