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What is electronic commerce?

"Electronic exchange is about doing affair electronically. It is based on the electronic giving out and transmission of data, as well as text, sound and video. It encompasses many diverse actions as well as electronic trading of goods and services, online approach of digital content, electronic fund transfers, electronic share trading, electronic bills of lading, business auctions, mutual aim and engineering, on-line sourcing, broadcast procurement, address consumer marketing, and after-sales service. It involves both foodstuffs (e. g. consumer goods, focused medicinal equipment) and air force (e. g. in rank services, fiscal and legal services); customary behavior (e. g. healthcare, education) and new behavior (e. g. virtual malls). " (European Commission, 1997).

Web buying transactions are often running at a loss for the reason that companies fail to alteration their back-end contentment process. Below are some fallacies, in order of importance:

Our logistics act can carry out web export fulfillment

We can now sell in actual fact about the globe

Our free supplier affiliation will assist e-commerce applications

We are promotion over the web so we must be assembly money over the web

We can continually integrate e-commerce solutions with our free activities

Critical achievement factors:

-Target the right customers

-Own the customer's total experience

-Streamline commerce processes that blow the customer

-Provide a 360-degree view of patron relationship

-Let customers help themselves

-Help customers do their job

-Deliver bespoke service

-Foster community


Identifying the barriers in implementing e-commerce:

1. Resistance to new technology

2. Difficulty of implementation

3. Security is an over hyped problem

4. Lack of skills

5. Lack of ability consumer connected

6. Cost

Electronic export is shaping the way in which big business of the forthcoming will be transacted. Even though e-commerce is more or less fresh phenomenon, those companies that are seizing the opportunities it offers will boost their bazaar position.

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